Baby Skin Problems

About your baby’s skin

Ahh, baby skin. We tend to think of it as being smooth, soft, and flawless. But as many new parents discover, baby’s skin isn’t so flawless. Red itchy patches may appear—like eczema—or scaly patches on the scalp, a telltale sign of cradle cap.

What you may see may not be a pretty sight, but rest assured these are pretty common in babyhood.

How is baby skin different than adult skin?

A baby’s outer layer of skin, called the epidermis, is about 20% thinner than a grownup’s skin. Baby skin also absorbs moisture more easily (which is why it feels so soft and silky), and loses moisture more easily too.

These differences make a baby’s skin more fragile and less resilient than adult skin. In addition, a baby’s immune system is still developing. Together, these factors make a baby’s skin:

  • Vulnerable to rashes and infections
  • Prone to infections
  • Easily irritated by substances in products
  • More sensitive to the sun
  • Get dried out easily

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