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The power to heal your baby's cradle cap is just a touch away

Tough on Cradle Cap

Gentle on your baby. Gentle Naturals® Cradle Cap Treatment effectively works to moisturize your baby's scalp while gently massaging the cradle cap away with its unique brush.

Moisturize & Soothe Your Baby's Skin

Pediatricians say the best remedy for eczema is frequent bathing to hydrate the skin, followed by a moisturizer. Gentle Naturals® Eczema Relief Wash and Eczema Relief Cream make a perfect duo for bath time.

Paraben-free Formula

Each product is dermatologist-tested, paraben free, dye free and perfume free. But they do have one ingredient in common - effectiveness.

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Happy Baby, Happy Mom

Happy Baby, Happy Mom

Moms rely on our line of Gentle Naturals® products because they are gentle and safe.

Top Conditions Every Mom Should Know How to Treat

Top Conditions Every Mom Should Know How to Treat

Works on eczema and cradle cap.

Works on
eczema and cradle cap.

Only the best ingredients for your baby.

It’s natural to want the best for your baby’s skin. So treat your baby with the best—mom trusted baby therapies from Gentle Naturals®.